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About BrassicaDB


What is BrassicaDB?

BrassicaDB is a database of genetic and molecular information derived from key Brassica species.

It comprises exclusively Brassica napus (oilseed rape), Brassica oleracea (cabbage) and Brassica rapa (turnip).


The Data

BrassicaDB contains data in the following areas:


Current Database Contents

The Java applet below will attempt to make a connection to a copy of the Public version of BrassicaDB and get the current set of details from the database. If your browser is unable to run the applet, then a static set of details will be displayed.

Your browser is unable to display the applet: Java is not available

Instead a static listing (23/07/2002) follows:

  • AFLP (7)
  • Allele (1531)
  • Author (9642)
  • Gene_Product (793)
  • Journal (1200)
  • Locus (1539)
  • Map (102)
  • Map_population (7)
  • Microsatellite (404)
  • Model (51)
  • MultiMap (160)
  • Other_Protein (58418)
  • Other_Sequence (4349)
  • Paper (7031)
  • Picture (0)
  • Probe (252)
  • Protein (1334)
  • Sequence (309522)
  • Sequence_EST (5681)
  • Sequence_Genomic+ (1992)
  • Sequence_GSS (299437)
  • Source (7)
  • Species (27)
  • Table (8)

N.B.The above applet used CORBA technology to connect to the database. It is broken for Java 1.2 and newer clients. To get a realtime listing of database contents, please click
here instead.


Links to Other Data Sources

Cross-links to other on-line data sources are seen as an important way of minimizing the size of the database, and keeping information up to date. At the moment BrassicaDB supports cross-links for the following data:


Future Development

The Brassica napus genome has a high level of internal duplication. This means that there are homologies within the genome. It is hoped that BrassicaDB will document these homologies and provide tools for visualization of these homologies (GridMap). As the number of brassica species in the database increases, each new genome will be integrated into this scheme, allowing easy visulisation of cross genome homologies as well.

It is also hoped that homologies with Arabidopsis, will also be documented and that the same visualization tools will provide a convenient way to view them. This part of the project is being developed within the UK CropNet with the intention of linking all the species databases together through homology data. For more information see the UK CropNet web site.

The following data is to be added to the database:



You can contact us if you have any problems or queries about BrassicaDB.

Martin Trick (PI-developer/curator)

John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park

Tel: +44(0)1603-450557
Fax: +44(0)1603-450014