Welcome to the website of the Brassica Genome Project, funded by the BBSRC's IGF programme.

We have now achieved our objectives which were to:

  • create draft physical maps of the Brassica 'A' and 'C' genomes by fingerprinting BAC libraries
  • to integrate these with the Arabidopsis genome sequence by hybridisation with selected gene anchor probes
  • to be responsive to the Brassica and Arabidopsis user communities, publishing data in real time, soliciting nominations for the anchor probes and supplying BAC clones on request
 A genomeC genome
Fingerprinted Clones33,15935,419
% clones in contigs69.1%58.5%
Average no. clones/marker11.710.1
Average no. markers/contig4.64.8
Coverage462 MbN/A*
*=Alternative technology used for fingerprint precludes determination of coverage

Through this website you can browse the database, view probes selected for hybridisation and request BAC clones.

Help and FAQs about this site and database

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