DIY Brassica BAC annotation pipeline

The first time a user visits, he or she is asked to complete a simple registration step. A validation code is sent to the e-mail address supplied and this is used to authenticate the user. A successful authentication is registered by means of a cookie so henceforward the user can revisit from that platform without further challenge.

Our experimental annotation pipeline takes as its input large-scale DNA sequence in fasta format, usually uploaded from the user's local filesystem, but a sequence can also be copied and pasted directly into the submission form. Several processing options are available, selected through tick boxes on the form.

When completed (a 200 kb BAC takes about 40 minutes to process when all the options are selected), the user is notified by e-mail and given the URL to the GBrowse view that will display the results. Some extra features have been added to the standard GBrowse display:

For help, comments and bug reports please contact Martin Trick